My first brain

The first brain I saw was distinctly underwhelming.

 A senior in high school, I was in charge of dissecting a fetal pig as part of my AP Biology class.  My teacher decided to save the best (and most complicated) for last.  So on the last day of our lab, I pulled out what remained of Miss Piggy and waited for my lab partner.

And waited.

And waited.

I got bored and began to try and get a look at this poor little guy’s head.  I make my precise incisions with an X-Acto knife (the scalpels were so dull I nearly took a finger off, so I raided the art supply room) and as I finally remove the brain from the skull, my lab partner arrives.  Wordlessly, I hold the brain up to her.

Frowning, she said, “Heh.  Looks like pudding.”  After a pause, she clarifies.  “Tapioca.  Definitely tapioca pudding.”

It’s been a decade and I still can’t see tapioca without thinking of that porcine brain.

In spite of its dubious association with various edible items, I still find the brain rather fascinating.  Besides being curious by nature and a scientist by training, I am also a science writer.  Here is where I will explore all things cerebral and neurotic, with a few silly and random thoughts thrown in for fun.


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